Film Watch Review – 201 to 250

Recently, I watched the 250th movie in the Film Watch challenge. That makes me halfway through what seemed like an impossible task when I first wrote it down – to watch 500 films – but is now looking achievable. Well, perhaps not so much at the moment, as the last couple of months have seen any sofa-bound watching delayed by Olympics and the like, but still… 250 films and counting. Incredible. Here’s a recap of the last fifty.

201. Captain America: The First Avenger 4/5

This was the final Avengers film we had to watch before the big movie itself. Turns out there’s ages to wait. Also, did we know they’re calling it the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Catchy.

202. Mr. & Mrs. Smith 4/5
203. Toy Story 3 5/5
204. Mission: Impossible 3/5
205. Star Trek 5/5
206. Crazy, Stupid, Love 5/5

Star Trek and Crazy, Stupid, Love were two of the best films and watched back-to-back makes them even better. Particularly coming off the back of the first Mission Impossible movie in the franchise, which was a surprising disappointment.

207. Friends with Benefits 3/5
208. Bridesmaids 4/5
209. Cowboys and Aliens 3/5
210. Johnny English Reborn 4/5
211. What’s Your Number? 1/5

An eclectic selection of films, from the highs of a James Bond satire to the lows of an unlikeable character spurning love at every opportunity despite it being right outside her door. Literally.

212. Con Air 4/5
213. Abduction 3/5
214. In Time 4/5
215. Lethal Weapon 2 3/5

The accents. Oh dear god, the accents!

216. Real Steel 4/5
217. Top Gun 5/5
218. Alien 5/5
219. Contagion 5/5

A really good run of movies here, with the Scott brothers providing some entertainment, as well as a bit of Matt Damon and Hugh Jackman. What more can a girl ask, really?

220. Tower Heist 3/5
221. Trespass 2/5
222. Moneyball 5/5

Moneyball, along with The Descendants which comes later, were two surprises for me – films I thought I wasn’t really going to like, but ended up adoring.

223. The Rock 4/5
224. The Ides of March 2/5
225. Training Day 2/5
226. The Money Pit 5/5
227. Clueless 5/5

There’s just something about Clueless that gets under your skin, because it’s hard to relate to any of the characters but they are all fabulous!

228. Justice 3/5
229. Erin Brockovich 5/5
230. RoboCop 4/5
231. Enemy of the State 4/5
232. The Day after Tomorrow 4/5
233. Flightplan 3/5
234. The Guard 4/5

Mmm, Ireland.

235. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows 3/5
236. The Descendants 5/5
237. Body of Lies 2/5
238. Man on a Ledge 3/5
239. Safe House 4/5
240. The Muppets 5/5

I’m so glad I liked this one. It’s not up there with the Christmas Carol, but it was still heaps of fun.

241. Chronicle 3/5
242. This Means War 4/5
243. Mission: Impossible II 3/5

Bit better.

244. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 5/5
245. Mission: Impossible III 4/5

Getting there.

246. One for the Money 3/5
247. Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol 5/5

So good! I want to see it again.

248. Contraband 4/5
249. 21 Jump Street 5/5
250. Battleship Unrated

As this is the official halfway point of the Life List challenge, I’ve got just a little bit more evaluation coming soon, but for now, bring on more (and hopefully better!) films!

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