Film Watch – 251. Jurassic Park

Fast Facts

Title: Jurassic Park
Director: Steven Spielberg
Year: 1993
Run time: 1hr 57

Background Info

I’ve seen this before, so many times, and I absolutely love it. After the disaster of the previous Film Watch, we wanted to view something that was a safe bet – something we knew would be good. I’ve been waiting for JP to appear on iTunes in HD, and it all came together nicely.

Live Blog

0:35 – Even just the typeface made me clap my hands in excitement.
3:37 – I never noticed that eye to eye contact before.
7:42 – Why is there a child on the archeological dig? Aside from letting us see that Dr Grant doesn’t like kids?
11:28 – “Setting up a kind of biological reserve… Make the one down in Kenya look like a petting zoo.”
18:42 – I want an island with a waterfall.
20:35 – Love that moment. First dino sighting with the music and everything.
24:58 – Here comes the science bit.
33:13 – I don’t want to know a dinosaur that is an “astonishing jumper”.
36:08 – Goldblum’s character has loads of great points but standing on the shoulder’s of giants can’t be a complaint… that’s what all scientists do.
39:10 – Interactive CD-ROM, booo. Touchscreen, yay!
43:12 – All the major problems of a theme park and a zoo. Difficult!
56:06 – “You married?” “Occasionally.”
1:04:27 – Oooh, dinosaur. Boy they are loud.
1:12:06 – I’ve just realised, knowing Dennis’ fate… is that the same dinosaur that they failed to see earlier?
1:13:22 – It looks like a gremlin.
1:15:37 – I quite like that Dennis causes all the mayhem but they sort of ditch his storyline asap.
1:18:37 – “But at least you’re out of the tree.”
1:22:23 – They do have some awesome trees at that park. Great climbability.
1:30:26 – Hmm, would you rather be sneezed on by a veggiesaur or chased by a T-Rex? I’m not so sure.
1:34:08 – Emergency bunker!
1:40:08 – Has there ever been a film where someone has seen an electric fence that isn’t on, and stopped themselves from pretending that it is?
1:44:54 – I’ve seen this film a bajillion times and still don’t get what it is that hurts her foot.
1:58:20 – Marvellous imagery. Roaring T-Rex, sign flutters down. When dinosaurs ruled the earth.


Mm, it was just as good as I remember. Amazingly, it hasn’t aged particularly badly – just the computers, as always. The dinosaurs still look amazing. Something I hadn’t noticed in previous viewings was the overuse of a camera zooming into someone’s face just before they would say something really important, or drop a one-liner like they do. “Mr Hammond, I believe the phones are working.” Etc, etc. It didn’t really detract from it, though, I love the film, I love the music, and it makes me want to re-read the book too.

Rating: 5/5


  1. Why is there a child on the archeological dig? Aside from letting us see that Dr Grant doesn’t like kids?

    It is a Steven Spielberg film and you have to ask that question?

    Steven believes Any film series Steven has to be on has to have at least a kid in it else it does not do so well in the box office. You would have thought Raiders would have smacked some scene into him….TOD and CS proved me wrong….

    Exhibit A: Dual.

    Exhibit B: 1941.

    Bet you have not heard of those two films…..


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