Film Watch – 246. One for the Money

Fast Facts

Title: One for the Money
Director: Julie Anne Robinson
Year: 2012
Run time: 1hr 31

Background Info

So far, I’ve not really been a fan of Ms Heigl but I was intrigued by the trailer for this film. I’m aware of the series of books, although I’ve never read any of them (are they worth it? They’re not all available on the Kindle yet, but do I need to keep an eye out?) and it’s always interesting to see the start of what could be a brand new franchise kicking off.

Live Blog

1:03 – Ooh, straight in with some credits – don’t see that very often anymore.
3:37 – Dinner with the family, always fun.
6:24 – These accents are fun.
7:24 – “I can either apprehend criminals or become one, that’s where I’m at.”
9:56 – I definitely couldn’t own a yellow car, and this has me convinced it wouldn’t be a good idea… if I was a criminal.
14:04 – This secretary seems to be doing all the work, why doesn’t she bring the people in?
16:05 – That’s like RoboCop’s gun!
17:36 – Ranger is a fun first name.
20:06 – “Damn Skippy.”
22:49 – Recovery Agent is the posh title for this, then.
26:04 – If she knows that this job involves a lot of running, I don’t understand the choice of heels.
26:24 – This is just like the Bounty Hunter film with Jennifer and Gerard.
32:05 – How did she recognise who that was on the phone so quickly?
36:49 – She puts so much salt on her food, it’s awful!
38:59 – I’d definitely give information for a snack.
41:42 – “You don’t have a car because you have too many damn shoes.”
43:43 – There’s a lot of lock-picking in this movie.
48:44 – Ninja ears!
57:53 – “Your hamster eats better than you.”
1:01:11 – I wouldn’t mind harbouring him as a fugitive. I could live with that.
1:08:23 – That’s the nicest situation to be able to say I told you so. Saved lives!
1:19:49 – She’s quite good at that shooting lark now.
1:22:59 – Five clean shots to the heart!
1:24:21 – Yay for the hooker! (Not a sentence I thought I’d write.)


Hard to come up with any definitive conclusion for this – there wasn’t anything wrong with it, there were a couple of amusing moments, and it was nice and short. I wasn’t offended by Heigl, actually I thought she did okay. The story was entertaining enough but it wasn’t spectacular. The start of the franchise may also be the end of the franchise!

Rating: 3/5


  1. Lisa

    You should definitely try the books – they are a lot funnier than the film was. Katherine Heigl is not a terrible Stephanie, but she wouldn’t have been my choice, but Joe & Ranger are just wrong (coming from the point of view of having read every one of the books!)

    Most of them are available on Kindle now, and it really is worth starting from the beginning. I have regularly had to stop reading because I have been laughing so hard I can’t see the words anymore!


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