Film Watch – 239. Safe House

Fast Facts

Title: Safe House
Director: Daniel Espinosa
Year: 2012
Run time: 1hr 55

Background Info

The first ten seconds of the trailer sold this to me. “He was one of the most brilliant CIA operatives we ever had… until he went rogue.” ROGUE! Put it on right now!

Live Blog

2:07 – “…my sister, she owns a bakery. She will make you fat.”
4:21 – It’s The Guard!
6:16 – I like restaurant booths behind curtains.
11:12 – Ah, there’s always a handy protest when you need to get lost in one.
12:45 – It always worries me when people tuck guns into their waistbands.
20:49 – He has a pretty impressive rack of monitors going on there.
22;26 – I don’t really understand this because they haven’t actually asked him anything and he hasn’t actually refused to talk. Do they just not like him?
26:28 – It’s certainly a change of pace to be learning French one minute, and facing twelve heavily armed men the next.
30:48 – Squealing the tyres as you make a hasty exit does tend to draw attention to yourself.
33:26 – See, you have to know your surrounding area really well to have a good car chase. I think I would fail miserably.
35:32 – That’s an ad for seat belts, right there! Amazing.
39:52 – “We’ll take it from here. That’s when you know you’re screwed.”
41:46 – How do you check someone into a hotel with handcuffs on?
49:04 – Vuvuzela!
53:13 – Gah, the poor local police. They always get it!
1:03:22 – Oh god, is now the time to come clean?
1:09:34 – “One day you’ll understand. You got more past than future, you’ll learn.”
1:15:06 – These poor people’s houses being ruined.
1:21:18 – Uh oh, I sense a whole world about to come crumbling down.
1:29:39 – Well, I didn’t see that coming.
1:38:21 – “You do what you have to do” is never a good excuse.
1:46:59 – Enemies in every intelligence agency in the world would not be good.


This was good, action packed, full of intrigue, flip-flopping sides, and some good dialogue along the way. My only complaint is that it was actually too full of all that stuff. There was never a moment to take stock of what you were seeing. At the end, Mr C and I thought we needed to discuss it to figure out what had gone on – but it actually only took two sentences. It wasn’t complicated, it’s just there hadn’t been any time to process.

Good film, anyway, Denzel is great, and Ryan is perfectly acceptable on the eye.

Rating: 4/5

One comment

  1. A friend and I were like that when we were looking at films to see in the cinema. I was going through the listings and got to Safe House, reading him the description it was: “Denzel Washington plays a rogue CIA…” – Stop right there, I’m sold!

    We both really enjoyed it too. A bit silly in places but it is a spy thriller, it’s supposed to be madcap. Plus it has DENZEL and you can’t go wrong with DENZEL. It was nice to see him mix it up a bit too, normally he’d be the central player trying to figure it all out. Ryan was okay but could’ve been a lot better.

    I disliked the very last line. ‘I’ll take it from here’ didn’t fit the rest of what he said.


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