Film Watch – 237. Body of Lies

Fast Facts

Title: Body of Lies
Director: Ridley Scott
Year: 2008
Run time: 2hrs 8

Background Info

We haven’t found time to watch a film for ages, despite lots of good things coming out on iTunes, and the fact I subscribed to LoveFilm to see what was on there. Given all the options, I don’t know why we opted to watch this one, only it seemed to be promoted on iTunes. The trailer looked okay, but I already knew I was going to need some help following it.

Live Blog

0:56 – The problem with the text saying where in the world we are, is that it ruins Mr C’s city guessing game.
3:55 – Leonardo with an epic beard.
10:48 – Was that a satellite? Can you see them glinting like that?
16:02 – Not sure you can veer from a threat of execution to saying you are friends in adjacent sentences.
22:11 – Seems these are a pair that leave destruction in their wake.
22:59 – Can’t see one of them rocket launcher things without thinking of Back to the Future.
29:56 – “What I need you to do is leave this office and hand over your entire staff to me.”
34:14 – I bet he has to lie to him later.
37:19 – I await the “no animals were harmed” message in the credits.
40:21 – The Russell Crowe guy is good at multi-tasking – speaks on the phone AND looks after his kids.
46:12 – How do they have such amazing mobile phone coverage everywhere they go? No fair!
51:35 – “Real intelligence operations remain secret forever.”
55:34 – I approve of the number of donkeys in this film.
1:05:22 – Hehehe, tipping him over in the chair.
1:08;24 – I want a ninja working for me.
1:10:01 – That was a really bad edit, like we were cutting to adverts or something.
1:16:05 – “We are not watching you, we are watching out for you.”
1:28:05 – At this point, I am very confused. A good 90 minutes though!
1:37:57 – Wouldn’t they expect him to run straight to her though? Seems like a trap if ever I saw one.
1:40:09 – I knew it! The lying situation has arrived.
1:45:42 – Giving directions in the desert must be hard. There are no features to navigate by.
1:57:30 – The Hani guy is my favourite.


It looked very stylish and had all the makings of a good spy film, but I just didn’t get it. I thought I was following okay, but about halfway through things started to unravel and then I lost the plot completely. It had some great conversations when things were a little more relaxed – Leo and the two boys talking about the food, and some of the amusing moments with Ed and Roger – but they were lonely bright spots in a really heavy going movie.

Also, that terrible edit really threw us out of the moment.

Rating: 2/5

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