Film Watch – 233. Flightplan

Fast Facts

Title: Flightplan
Director: Robert Schwentke
Year: 2005
Run time: 1hr 38

Background Info

Another film on our Netflix adventure – so disappointed in some of the new stuff coming out on iTunes at the moment! Nevertheless, Netflix is there as a great backup. I’ve not seen this one and didn’t know anything about it. Mr C knew it had something to do with the little girl but that was as far as his recollections would take him.

Live Blog

2:28 – For some reason, the music is reminding me of Tomb Raider.
5:14 – Glad I never had a child’s light thing that had planes on it. Freaked out enough by them as it is.
8:35 – The child is pondering what kind of food they have in a whole other country and is only concerned about the toast.
10:11 – She is, potentially, the most terrifying mother ever.
11:00 – I think airports would be better if you couldn’t see the big scary plane you were getting on.
14:06 – “It’s okay to hate the passengers.”
16:00 – Coffin on a plane, feels just like LOST.
22:34 – I’d say that she can’t have gone far but it’s a pretty big plane for a small girl to hide in.
24:52 – How would getting the captain help? I’d rather he was flying the plane.
30:43 – Sean Bean! He looks different.
32:40 – “A teddy bear does not constitute an inaccurate passenger manifesto.”
34:39 – Palm Pilot! Aged film immediately.
39:44 – I quite like strict Mr Bean. Sean, I mean, not the other one.
42:40 – I can’t imagine what the other passengers are thinking. What a terrible flight!
52:53 – Just what you need when you’ve flipped out on a plane, a therapist.
56:30 – The poor passengers!
59:12 – She just wrecked a brand new BMW.
1:05:11 – Ooh, is he going rogue?
1:08:26 – I wouldn’t actually class this as rogue. Something else entirely.
1:19:23 – Now they’re shooting up the pretty plane.
1:20:45 – She is good.
1:25:34 – I like that the man is getting injured – better than those ones that go on being all invincible.
1:28:40 – I have a lot of questions about what just happened.


Now, I like a short film probably more than the next person but the ending to this was so abrupt, it just left Mr C and I full of questions. The concept for this is brilliant, I was fascinated throughout, loved it. The ending just raised a billion questions and opened up even more plot holes. I felt a bit deflated after enjoying the rest of it so much. I also didn’t think the bad guy was particularly good, he was better before we knew he was evil.

Rating: 3/5


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