Film Watch – 229. Erin Brockovich

Fast Facts

Title: Erin Brockovich
Director: Steven Soderbergh
Year: 2000
Run time: 2hrs 11

Background Info

Recently, Chainbear said that: your film reviews often start with “Mr C told me this was great” and end with “clearly he’s crazy.” This one started with Mr C saying it was a great film, but I will let you wait and see whether I agree with him or not.

Live Blog

1:23 – That is big hair.
3:56 – Well, I wasn’t expecting that. I was too busy watching the red light change.
7:43 – A car crash and a court case and we’re still in the opening credits.
13:22 – Julia must be using up Hollywood’s entire stash of low cut tops in this film.
17:33 – “Just think of me as the person next door who likes things quiet.”
20:29 – It is just impossible not to think of him as Daddy Warbucks.
25:16 – I like their dialogue.
29:16 – “No, I hate lawyers, I just work for them.”
38:07 – She could do with learning a little bit of diplomacy.
42:22 – He has a very odd moustache, beard, sideburns combination going on.
51:15 – Erin has a most excellent stare.
1:00:41 – I’m assuming the water is okay now, else I wouldn’t be so keen on having coffee there!
1:05:30 – David and whatshisname.
1:07:35 – There’s a Harley Davidson version of Monopoly?
1:10:59 – “She pointed at the bowl and said ‘bowl.'”
1:14:00 – Really, she should just be grateful she doesn’t have a Blackberry.
1:20:49 – The judge’s name is LeRoy! (Jenkins).
1:28:43 – She used her body earlier, now she’s using her kids to get through the door.
1:34:51 – 634 plaintiffs!
1:42:59 – Being sick is rubbish enough without having your job messing you around as well.
1:51:06 – “You want eggs’?” Just doesn’t sound that appetising.
1:57:57 – He did seem like he was going to kill her. Turns out he was a good guy.
1:59:27 – “I’m really quite tired.”
2:05:38 – Kind of hard to take back the bit where she called him a bloodsucking lawyer.


I really enjoyed this, from beginning to end. It’s one of those that I dread because it’s long but the time just flies by. I loved that Erin was doing these great things, but ultimately wasn’t a completely do-gooder character. There was plenty about her to rub people up the wrong way, and her shouting matches were just incredible to watch. The dedication though, that was the thing. Even though everything was falling apart, it was all about the greater good. Fab acting from Julia and those around her. I didn’t really want it to end.

Rating: 5/5


  1. Simon

    She earned an Oscar for her performance (well deserved) and in her speech she thanked she cried, went on way too long and thanked everyone, except Erin herself. Bit embarrassing really. Awesome film though


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