Film Watch Review – 101 to 150

Recently, Mr C and I have been watching a lot of films. We’ve been doing some intense things, things that require a lot of thought – publishing books and creating apps and pondering other creative projects for the future. Downtime has become a quick sit down and a film. It’s joyous, but it does mean that the blog has been overrun with Film Watch reviews lately.

It’s interesting to note that it took 12 months to get from film 1 to film 50, 8 further months to get to 100, and only 7 more months to get to 150. I’m sure we won’t keep this pace up for that much longer so I’m making the most of it while I can. Here’s a quick overview of the last fifty films.

101. Love Actually 5/5

It’s a good start, in which I actually admit this is a great film and I like it.

102. Severance 3/5
103. Butterfly on a Wheel 3/5
104. The Nightmare Before Christmas 4/5
105. The Queen 3/5
106. The Other Boleyn Girl 2/5
107. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian 2/5
108. The Fox and the Child 3/5

Glorious Christmas iPlayer goodness. Nothing groundbreaking, but a good selection of films nevertheless.

109. Knight and Day 3/5
110. A Perfect Getaway 3/5

Both films I thought were going to be excellent and they weren’t as good as I’d hoped.

111. The Bourne Identity 5/5

Mmm, Matt Damon.

112. The Joneses 3/5
113. Date Night 4/5
114. The Bourne Supremacy 3/5

Mmm, more Matt Damon!

115. The Weather Man 3/5
116. National Treasure: Book of Secrets 3/5
117. The Expendables Unrated

Just… no. The Expendables really shook up my faith in films. Was tempted to give up this Film Watch lark. However…

118. Grown Ups 5/5
119. Salt 4/5
120. Red 4/5
121. The Other Guys 4/5
122. Despicable Me 4/5

What a set of movies to bounce back with! Really can’t fault any of them, although clearly they didn’t all get top marks. Mostly funny, bit of drama, all good stuff.

123. Innerspace 3/5
124. Field of Dreams 3/5
125. Frozen 2/5
126. Carry on Again Doctor 3/5

A run of mediocre films really. I was disappointed in Innerspace – good but not as great as I’d remembered. On the flip side, I was really happy with Field of Dreams except for the whole he will/they will thing.

127. Unstoppable 5/5

Yes, yes, yes!

128. The Social Network 4/5
129. Easy A 4/5
130. The Tourist 3/5
131. The Bourne Ultimatum 5/5

A good set of new films, followed up by a bit more Matt Damon. The Bourne Ultimatum was something of a breakthrough in our movie adventures. We had previously refrained from watching it because it wasn’t available in HD or to rent on iTunes, despite the other two being available. Eventually, we had to admit defeat, that we had to finish off the trilogy. The fact that we watched it in standard definition and the world didn’t end, well that opened up a whole lot of the archive films to us.

132. Casino Royale 3/5

Bond being the first one we wanted to catch up with.

133. Kill Bill: Vol. 1 3/5

Kill Bill is one of those movies that I’d heard so much about – mixed reports – that I wasn’t really sure what to expect going in. I was pleasantly surprised, although not overly so.

134. Morning Glory 5/5
135. The Dilemma 4/5
136. WALL·E 3/5
137. Quantum of Solace 4/5
138. Kill Bill: Vol. 2 4/5

A couple of great new comedies, followed by the somewhat disappointing Pixar movie. More Bond (loving Craig’s work) and the second part of the Kill Bill, which I enjoyed more than the opener.

139. Paul 4/5
140. The Next Three Days 3/5
141. The Green Hornet 4/5

Three films that we didn’t really know what to expect but found them mostly good fun.

142. Transformers 3/5
143. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen 3/5

Well yes. Important viewing, I think, but both practically identical films. Great CG, terrible acting.

144. The Adjustment Bureau 4/5
145. Drive Angry 2/5
146. Yogi Bear 3/5
147. The King’s Speech 3/5

These are something of a display of the best and worst of movies. Adjustment Bureau was ace, Drive Angry was not. If you need to watch the excellent Yogi Bear to recover, it’s not a good movie. Then the King’s Speech which I keep wanting to defend as being good but ultimately it was disappointing.

148. Just Go With It 4/5
149. Definitely, Maybe 4/5
150. Batman Begins 4/5

Four surprising films to end – all good surprises as well.