Film Watch Review – 51 to 100

51. The Informant! 3/5
52. Good Will Hunting 4/5

And here we have the beginning of my Matt Damon obsession.

53. Ghostbusters II 3/5

Much discussion between Mr C and I over whether the original or this second one was better. I still maintain the original was better.

54. Julie & Julia 5/5
55. Law Abiding Citizen 4/5
56. The Men Who Stare at Goats 5/5
57. 2012 5/5
58. Die Hard 5/5

After four very excellent but up to date films, we delved back into the archives for a little bit of Bruce. Just as excellent. I still wince at the thought of the bare feet and broken glass though.

59. Lost 4/5
60. Sherlock Holmes 3/5
61. Lethal Weapon 4/5

Lethal Weapon was a film I had always heard about, but really had no idea what it was about. I sort of thought it was more of a Top Gun style film, but it was far more funny than I’d imagined. Mel Gibson isn’t exactly flavour of the moment, but the film was good.

62. Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait 3/5

That World Cup has a lot to answer for.

63. Big Fish 3/5
64. Superman Returns 1/5
65. Dorian Gray 2/5

A couple of films I was disappointed in. Big Fish came highly recommended, and whilst it was not as, erm, stupid as I thought, it still was just that little bit too nonsensical for me. Superman Returns was just ridiculous. Dorian Gray was not a patch on the original.

66. Up in the Air 4/5
67. Valentine’s Day 2/5
68. Green Zone 3/5

A series of new films, all good in their unique ways. And when I call Valentine’s Day good, I mean terrible, but I had wine so I was happy.

69. The Love Bug 3/5
70. Shutter Island 1/5

I was chatting to my friend about Shutter Island recently, and she loved it, whilst we hated it. After dissecting it, we came to the conclusion that firstly, it was promoted completely wrong, and secondly, I only liked it once the mind games came in to play. If I could have just seen the second half of the film, I would have been happy.

71. Post Grad 3/5
72. No Way Out 4/5

No way out was such a surprise hit for me. A random Kevin Costner film on the iPlayer, and I found it completely fascinating.

73. Heidi 3/5
74. The Rookie 4/5
75. Apollo 13 5/5


76. The Day of the Triffids 3/5
77. Contact 4/5

Mr C highly recommended Contact, and I was really enjoying it but could have done without the big CGI section at the end. Looking back, I would score this film lower because of that.

78. South Pacific 3/5
79. Whip It 4/5
80. Bandits 3/5

Bandits was another surprise iPlayer hit. Bonus Bruce!

81. Wallace and Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit 3/5
82. The Bounty Hunter 4/5
83. The History Boys 2/5
84. Brooklyn Rules 2/5
85. Notes on a Scandal 3/5
86. Leap Year 3/5
87. Hot Tub Time Machine 3/5
88. At First Sight 3/5

A good run of films, but none really stand out, except of course Hot Tub Time Machine. I may have undermarked this one. We still shout HOT TUB TIME MACHINE to each other. Because we’re fun like that.

89. Back to the Future 5/5
90. Back to the Future II 5/5
91. Back to the Future III 5/5

I was so amazingly excited to watch these. I love them, obviously, and Mr C and I had never seen them together. But as he predicted, I’m sad that they have been done now. It’s not like I can never watch them again (as if!) but I can never Film Watch them again. Boo.

92. Cop Out 4/5
93. Kick-Ass 5/5

Two great new films above…

94. Killers 2/5
95. Frozen 2/5

…followed by two pretty terrible ones.

96. Mrs. Doubtfire 4/5
97. The A-Team 5/5
98. The Usual Suspects 4/5
99. Primeval 3/5
100. Inception 4/5

The A-Team and Inception were the real winners of this one. Mr C and I ended up in an argument about The Usual Suspects despite the fact I’d tried to defend myself beforehand saying I always disappoint people when they make me watch their favourite films. At one point I declared the Film Watch experiment over and done with and that I never wanted to watch any films ever again.

Clearly that was heat of the moment nonsense, and you should stay tuned for the next 50. This is far too much fun to give up now!


  1. Steven Roy

    You have to watch All the Preident’s Men. It’s all about the Watergate Scandal. We were discussing it in the comments last night. As well as giving you a Film Watch post you get a history lesson too. Two for the price of one.


  2. Jordan Allen

    I can neither confirm nor deny Steven’s report on whether or not we discused the movie “All The President’s Men” either last night or any other time……. 😛


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