Film Watch Review – 1 to 50

As I’m approaching the 100th film in this series, I thought it would be good to have a quick review – an overview of how things are going in my quest to have more film knowledge. 100 films seemed like quite a lot though, so I’ve split it up a little bit more. Here goes nothing!

1. Groundhog Day 4/5
2. The English Patient 2/5
3. Ocean’s Eleven 5/5
4. Guys and Dolls 3/5
5. Stand by Me 5/5
6. The Man in the Iron Mask 2/5
7. Rain Man 4/5
8. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 3/5
9. The Matrix 5/5
10. Ghostbusters 5/5

I began nice and gently, with a film-a-week pace, and some real classics. You can’t get off to a better start than Groundhog Day, can you? It’s also a good mix of films I had seen before, or were brand new, ones I liked, and ones I didn’t. I am still scarred by The English Patient, no pun intended. Ghostbusters was the real success of the bunch. We quite regularly say “What did you do, Ray?” to each other.

11. Superman The Movie 4/5
12. Flatliners 2/5
13. Uncle Buck 5/5
14. Planes, Trains and Automobiles 4/5
15. Highlander 2/5

So very disappointed in Highlander. So very disappointed.

16. Monsters Inc 5/5
17. Cast Away 5/5
18. Reservoir Dogs 4/5
19. Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby 4/5

Talladega was our first ever Sidepodcast Film Club and it was a great one to watch with everyone else in the comments.

20. Point Break 4/5

I was really happy about this one, because it showed up on the iPlayer almost immediately after someone recommended it to me, and I enjoyed it immensely. Mm, Keanu.

21. National Treasure 5/5
22. I Love You, Man 5/5

Slappin da bass!

23. Cars 5/5
24. The Karate Kid 4/5
25. The Terminator 3/5
26. Dances with Wolves 3/5
27. Blade Runner 2/5

Four really important films in a row, here. The Karate Kid was another of those that people couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen. Now wax on/wax off makes a lot more sense. Dances with Wolves was weird because everyone thought I would hate it (The English Patient style – argh!), but I actually really enjoyed it.

And then there was Terminator and Blade Runner. Let’s just be frank and say that I wasn’t as impressed as I should have been and some people think less of me now because of it!

28. The Incredibles 5/5
29. Six Days, Seven Nights 2/5
30. The Santa Clause 3/5
31. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe 2/5
32. Bridge to Terabithia 1/5

Suddenly, Christmas happened, and the BBC decided to start putting millions of films on the iPlayer. For free. I was on the verge of getting obsessed with this Film Watch lark.

33. Billy Elliot 4/5

What’s London like, like?

34. Knowing 4/5
35. Herbie: Fully Loaded 1/5
36. Chicken Run 3/5
37. 101 Dalmations 2/5
38. Miss Potter 4/5
39. The Proposal 5/5
40. Mary Poppins 4/5
41. Easy Virtue 4/5

All of these, bar Knowing and The Proposal, were down to the Beeb and their festive output. It took me ages to catch up the posts to reality.

42. Monty Python’s Life of Brian 5/5

Another of those that people are so very sensitive about, but luckily, I liked this one.

43. Ocean’s Twelve 3/5
44. 3:10 to Yuma 2/5
45. Snatch 2/5
46. The Picture of Dorian Gray 4/5

Interestingly, this began an obsession with the Dorian Gray world, as I subsequently watched the modern version of the film, and just recently finished reading the book.

47. The Invention of Lying 4/5
48. Couples Retreat 4/5
49. Stick It 3/5
50. Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride 3/5

And that was my first 50 films. By this time, Mr C and I were just beginning our somewhat regular Film Watch evenings at weekends, and were keen to get a little more up to date with recent films.

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  1. Pat W

    I am stunned Film Watch started a year and a half ago, it seems so recent! I’ve just enjoyed re-reading the earlier ones particularly the summaries at the end.


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