11. Superman The Movie

11-superman-the-movieBackground info

Title: Superman The Movie
Director: Richard Donner
Year: 1978
Run time: 2hrs 25m

“Superman: The Movie assembles a cast and creative contingent as only a big movie can. At its heart (just as in three sequels) is Christopher Reeve’s intelligent, affectionate portrayal of a most human Man of Steel. Watching Superman again isn’t just like being a kid again. It’s better. The movie’s legacy soared even higher when director Richard Donner revisited this beloved adventure 22 years later and integrated eight minutes into the film. Enjoy more footage of the Krypton Council, a glimpse of stars of prior Superman incarnations, more of Jor-El underscoring his son’s purpose on Earth andan extended sequence inside Lex Luthor’s gauntlet of doom. Reeve, Marlon Brando (Jor-El), Gene Hackman (Luthor) and Margot Kidder (Lois Lane) give indelible performances that fuel the film’s aura of legend. Looks like a swell night for flying. Why not come along?”

Live blog

1:00 – A newspaper that tells the truth and with clarity? This must be an alternate universe.
2:07 – These are some quite dramatic titles.
3:31 – And they go on a bit, too.
4:33 – Am I accidentally watching the end?
5:19 – Ooh, it actually started.
11:41 – The white on planet Krypton is very, very bright. Did they have to hand out sunglasses when this first came out in the cinema?
18:42 – It is also very jagged on this planet. I would be constantly injuring myself.
32:44 – Of course it is sad that his father died, but didn’t he have a dodgy heart when they first found Superman? That must have been over ten years ago, which isn’t bad going.
38:29 – Poor lady loses her husband and her son in a matter of minutes.
40:16 – Wow. That is quite a long way north. The Pole!
47:09 – Another film in which they learn a lot – all the secrets of the universe. At least this way it is taking Superman time, rather than just downloading the information into his head.
48:00 – Yay! Actual Superman! Woah, he can’t fly in a straight line.
52:43 – I heart Clark Kent. He’s like Henry from Ugly Betty, all bumbling and cuteness.
1:03:19 – Seriously, Lois can’t spell at all. This is shattering all kinds of illusions.
1:19:13 – So, this is back when people used to watch TV through the shop windows. We don’t really have anything like that nowadays. There isn’t much entertainment going on in shop fronts.
1:22:57 – That is her house, and she isn’t saddled with a mortgage?
1:24:26 – As it turns out, I’m not such a fan of Superman. He’s a bit of a lech. Bring back Clark!
1:38:09 – I don’t understand why rock from his own planet would become harmful to him? Surely of all the people on Earth, Superman is the one who is most likely to be able to withstand radiation?
1:46:49 – Ooh, the suit evaporated and turned into the blue outfit on the way out the window. I always thought he actually had to get changed, and that’s why he span round so fast, to cover it up.
2:03:18 – These are some really quite good earthquake effects. Apart from the bits that are obviously a scale model.
2:05:38 – The only problem with knowing how the film ends if I’m just thinking – this is silly, why doesn’t he just spin it backwards now?
2:08:21 – It appears Ms Lane is even more prone to bad luck than I am!
2:07:50 – I wonder if flying is tiring, like running.


After the fun and games of watching Ghostbusters, where Superman got a mention, I had a desire to watch the film. I have seen it before but like most films, although I remember the ending, I don’t quite know how it gets there.

This is, as always, a great film, something of a classic, even though the flying effects are rather awful looking back. Some of the lines made me laugh out loud, which is always a good sign, and the characters are really strong (even that smarmy Superman fella).

Rating: 4/5.



  1. Jordan Allen

    Well, just like us humans there are certain bands of radiation ==> Ultraviolet and Infrared being the most commonly dangerous (I do not think we get hit with Gamma, alpha and beta ray radiation that often, do we?) that will damage us. Anything in the visible light radiation spectrum is pretty safe. So why should it be any differnet for Superman?

    Darn. We forgot to warn you that the Superman March is a little bit to catchy. But we expected you to watch “A Few Good Men” first. Could not handle the turth, huh? 😀


  2. So why should it be any differnet for Superman?

    I dunno, I just don’t understand why it is just rock from his own planet and still damaging him.

    But we expected you to watch “A Few Good Men” first. Could not handle the truth, huh?

    Something like that. I have one failed attempt at watching it but it is still on my list for another go.


  3. Jordan

    In conversation with Christine:

    So why should it be any differnet for Superman?

    I dunno, I just don’t understand why it is just rock from his own planet and still damaging him.

    Any decent sized ore in the elemental numbers above lead ==> Bismuth, Polonium, Astatine, Radon (ok it is a gas), Francium (Yes, Montagny has his own element!), Radium, Actinium, Thorium, Protactinium and Uranium is a rock from our planet and is damaging to us as these are proven radioactive elements.

    You are not going to go looking for a Franicum Ore are you now?


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