9. The Matrix

9-the-matrixBackground info

Title: The Matrix
Director: Andy & Larry Wachowski
Year: 1999
Run time: 2hrs 16m

“Breaking box office records as the biggest Easter opening ever, this special effects-driven tale follows Keanu Reeves (“Speed,” “Devil’s Advocate”) and Oscar, Golden Globe and Emmy-nominee Laurence Fishburne (“What’s Love Got to Do with It?”) on an explosive futuristic sci-fi adventure about a man who comes to believe that his everyday world is the product of a complex computer-driven digital matrix that feeds on humans. In his dangerous quest to find out the truth, he must figure out who is real and who he can trust. From the producer of the top boxoffice franchise, “Lethal Weapon.”

Live blog

3:05 – Oh yes, there it is, the high kick that spawned a thousand spoofs, and only three minutes in.
4:54 – It’s like extreme free running.
7:07 – I refuse to believe the lovely Keanu would use one of those bizarre ergonomic keyboards.
13:39 – Cor, look at the size of that mobile phone. Is this film really ten years old? Crikey!
15:50 – If you were going to be guided through cubicles and climbing out windows, you would really want a bluetooth headset, wouldn’t you?
21:31 – Films should be banned from showing bug type creatures getting under people’s skin.
25:25 – I had forgotten what great camera angles are in this film.
27:37 – I have this feeling there is something wrong with the world too. Where is my Morpheus?
40:43 – Of course, I know you can’t question anything in the Matrix because it’s not real, but would a remote really work on an old TV like that.
41:53 – The robots will kill us all! I knew it!
51:25 – Just fighting in a room isn’t that exciting. I like how the team are keen to see it though.
52:32 – Also, why is Morpheus so smug?
54:04 – If I was faced with jumping from one roof to another, I think I would say more than “woah”. However, every Keanu film should have a Bill & Ted style “woah”.
56:36 – Trinity really reminds me of Juliet from LOST.
1:09:24 – Do they get to choose what they wear in the Matrix? Because I think I’d rather wear jeans.
1:17:51 – How do those glasses with no arms work? Do they just pinch harder on your nose?
1:39:44 – Tank seemed to recover pretty quick from being part-frazzled.
1:45:12 – Keanu playing around in a lift again, reminds me of another favourite film of his.
1:48:43 – Helicoptor, water, bullets, smashed glass. I have no idea how you could dream up or choreograph something like this, but I am just revelling in its glory.
1:51:25 – Not exactly an advert for safe helicoptor travel. What with this and the stuff that happened in ER, I’m staying on the ground, I reckon.
1:56:24 – Oooh, Keanu playing around in the subway. Did I accidentally put Speed on or something?
2:00:30 – YES! Even Neo gets his lefts, rights, and “other lefts” the wrong way round.
2:04:19 – Way to draw a great action film to a close with some romantic mush – gah!
2:05:37 – You know, instead of messing about stopping bullets in their tracks, he could probably do with getting back to the ship where they need his help.


Ah, I love The Matrix. This is the first of my Film Watch movies not to be part of the iTunes 99p Film of the Week deal. I chose this, on a Friday night, to watch, because I love it.

Some groundbreaking work in this film, I love it. Have only seen it a couple of times, but each time it seems to get better. Some of the hand to fist combat leaves me cold, but that helicoptor scene is worth it all. May have to watch the rest of the trilogy to remind myself what happens then – although I know they are nowhere near as good.

Rating: 5/5.



  1. This, more than any other film I can think of, gives me a warm ‘fuzzy’ feeling when I think about it.

    Bunking off an afternoon of A-Level Economics and busing it into Oxford with my mates to watch a film that not a lot of people knew much about. And there we sat, two hours, transfixed to an amazing assault on the senses. Brilliant.

    Shame the sequels were absolute, confusing, dollops of tripe.


  2. Lukeh

    The Matrix is a wierd one for me because it’s brilliant and annoying at the same time. I really do love it, it’s simply a fantastically great film, but I have such a hard time trying to keep up at times! It is a groundbreaking film though and absolutely brilliant, and personally Morpheus is more iconic than Neo to me, but the film story just blows me away in the sheer amount of threading with allsorts of other things. Although the godawful sequels didn’t help at all, I blame them for confusing me…

    Still remains a superb film though. They just sadly tarnished the legacy of the Matrix, as Dank and I have said, with the sequels…


  3. Yes, the original Matrix is a masterpiece. The sequels are so bad a lot of folks (myself included) just pretend they were never made.

    The film was groundbreaking in so many ways (and I actually had a Nokia “spring slider” phone for a while – not the model from the film though) – but was it really a decade ago?


  4. Yes, the original Matrix is a masterpiece. The sequels are so bad a lot of folks (myself included) just pretend they were never made.

    Haha, understandable.

    I do remember having a great conversation after seeing the third one, but I guess that was just because the film was so bad we had to make it all up ourselves 🙂


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